22 After

this is NOT science fiction, this is NOT a call to action, this IS our future!

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To this point “22 After” has been a labor of love and entirely self-funded. But getting the word about the film out to a larger audience will require we simply don’t have. In the next few weeks we intend on using “Go Fund It”, “Kickstarter”, and “Indiegogo” to raise the money necessary to buy exposure. But before then you can help!

  • Donate $50 to our Paypal account and we will send you a “22 After” t-shirt.
  • Donate $100 to Paypal and and we’ll send you a shirt and an autographed and numbered copy of the original script signed.
  • Donate $1000 to Paypal and we’ll give you ‘Producer’ credits at the end of the film.

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Thank you for helping to spread the word.
Mark Thoma

A few weeks before Christmas last year my worst fears were confirmed when Guy McPherson's latest book “Going Dark” arrived in the mail as a present. Some present! In the book McPherson lays out a very convincing argument that humankind is doomed. As a student of politics, the environment, the environment of politics and maybe most importantly the politics of environment I had long suspected something was terribly wrong. I was filled with a deep sense of foreboding that grew by the day! Half-hearted efforts to increase automobile fuel mileage standards by a few percentage points over the next two decades while denying human driven climate change seemed the very definition of obscenity.

That's when it hit me! The reason politicians were doing virtually nothing to stop the headlong rush towards environmental catastrophe was because they knew nothing could be done. It was a huge, concerted effort at plausible deniability between government at the highest levels and big energy. If the asteroid is streaking towards Earth and there's nothing to be done...than why do anything?

Why indeed!

So I decided to make a movie about the fate that almost certainly awaits us. That movie is “22 After”. I realized early on that this topic, the end of all humanity in the next few decades (otherwise known as Near Term Human Extinction), is an absolute 'buzz kill' at parties, family get-togethers, around the water cooler, etc. And if even talking about NTHE is that toxic why waste precious time trying to find the investors that would be needed to hire professional actors, film crew, editors, etc.?

The answer was to do a zero-budget docu-drama. And that's what you see in “22 After”. I wrote the script in a few weeks, put out a call for volunteer actors, and handled the camera and editing myself. I spent most of my professional career as a TV News reporter so I have a fair amount of writing ability, can shoot and edit video in a pinch, and am not shy when it comes to asking favors.

We started weekend filming in February and were all wrapped up by May. I finished editing by the end of June and “22 After” was done. We entered in a couple of film festivals but after a two month wait to find out we didn't make it into the first of those I decided to pull the plug and make the movie public for the benefit of several hundred social media followers who had been supportive from the outset.

For the time being I have decided to keep the viewing of “22 After” completely free as it sounds somehow obscene to ask people for money to tell them the worst news they will ever hear. In the future I may change my mind but only to raise funds to spread the word; people need to wake up, plans need to be made.

But for now the best payment I can hope for is for you the viewer to tell everyone you know “watch this movie”.

Thank you,
Mark Thoma